The Man Catcher

29 Dec


So, most of my friends are married or have serious boyfriends and that’s cool! Here I am single and still looking, well maybe not looking all that hard. Anyway, I got into a discussion recently regarding certain clothing that single women should wear to peak a man’s interest.  Now, please understand I am not silly enough to think that you put on a hot dress and poof  Dwight Howard appears (he’s my NBA crush). I realize it takes more than a little glitter to land a star. Although, there is something to be said about a confident women sashaying her way down the street in a smokin’ hot outfit. Here’s a few pics of some frocks that I think are fun to wear no matter what you’re trying to catch. For my friends with significant others you can also try one of these dresses to spice things up a bit! That’s as far as I am willing to go on the suggestion front. I don’t want to get too saucy….it’s not that kind of blog. 


The Wrap Dress

Light weight fabric and form-fitting silhouette is the quintessential lady-like dress! I adore this dress and pretty much will wear whatever wrap dress fits my fancy. The pastel floral print dress below is quite lovely. I can’t think of anything more feminine than pastel colors and flowers! I don’t suggest carrying a feather around with you like the model….a man might think you’re rehearsing for a role in Steel Magnolias.



The Maxi Dress

Sexy, comfy, and versatile are perfect descriptive words when referring to the maxi dress. This dress was a huge trend for 2010 and will be seen again in 2011. The fantastic thing about the maxi dress is that it fits all body types. You just need to spend a little time in finding the right style that fits you. For a killer night time look pair your favorite maxi dress, with a short jacket, strappy heels, and multi-chain necklace. Voila…you are ready to hit the town!


The Mini Dress

Now most women cringe at the idea of wearing a mini dress but, I say throw on a pair of spanx and call it a day. As women, we tend to be a little too critical concerning our figures. I’m sure your man is admiring your curves rather than your imperfections. If you’re not 100% comfortable in wearing it then by all means opt for something else. If you have the confidence to rock a mini dress……then grab your clutch and do your thang!

  Joan smalls

The Sweater Dress

Oh, how I heart the sweater dress! The many was to wear it are endless. From chic to street, it’s my go to dress in the winter. It’s also the dress that carries me into the early summer days. In the winter I wear my sweater dresses with boots and in late spring/early summer I pair it with sandals.  I always feel comfortable and pretty in this dress.


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