Poncho Power

23 Dec


I love me a good ol' poncho, no I am not kidding. Louis Vuitton designed the most coveted Poncho this season. Now that I live in a warmer climate I don't have many opportunities to wear them. When I lived in New York City I owned this lovely, winter white, vintage poncho that I adored. It's no longer with me as my sister shrank it in her attempts to wash it. I have a scheduled trip the first of the year to Seattle,  I'll be hitting up my favorite vintage shops to see if I can replace by beloved poncho. The poncho is already a staple fall/winter look for Paris and London. This trend will probably hit the States in six months time at which point it will be Summer and we will have to wear them fall/winter 2011 putting us 12 months behind trend (but that is another post altogether). Not everyone is a lover of ponchos, it's definitely an acquired taste…..kind of like sushi. I'm a spicy tuna kind of girl, I wear what I want! If I love it I rock it



 Louis Vuitton







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