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Early Christmas Gift – Laura Mericer

18 Dec


Christmas is not all about gifts but, I sure do love receiving them! I received this lovely gift enclosed in a red satin bag (very festive touch). It was a gift from someone very dear to me and knows me oh so well. I opened my package to discover this amazing jar of seduction! I put a little on my skin and was immediately transported to the year 1533 where Queen Anne Boleyn was lathering on almond coconut milk souffle body cream by Laura Mericer. I can see the Queen luring King Henry into her boudoir with the memorizing scent that saturates her skin. Snap! I am brought back to reality when I realize I am now attempting to lick the back of my hand mistaking the smell for fresh baked coconut and almond tea cookies. I wish my computer had a scratch n' sniff! This intoxicating sweet aroma is one for the ages. Possibly an age where a King would do anything to have you, including destroying his own kingdom! Ok, so maybe I'm being a bit dramatic but I am telling you this body cream is from another century.





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