Oxford Shoes “Yeah Baby”

9 Dec


Recently, I was asked by a reader "how would I describe my personal style". This was a pretty loaded question since I eat, breath, and live fashion my style is always evolving. It's not like I can define my style into a singular term per se but, they really wanted an answer and I did not want to sound like the proverbial fashion lover that spews out the artistic answer "fashion is all around us blah…blah… blah…nonsense. So, I answered "my style is classic with a kink"!  And by the word "kink" I mean clever and usual. I might wear a very classic dress but, the pattern might be geometric or the shoes I pair with the dress might be an insanely bright color. I love the element of surprise in life and fashion. Take the iconic Oxford shoe typically worn by preppy types. This classic shoe has now been redesigned with a wider range of consumers in mind. You can find the Oxford shoe for women and men in just about any color, pattern, or style. I am in love with first pair of CL Oxford shoes below. A timeless shoe with an usual color or "classic with a kink!"


Christian Louboutin



Christian Louboutin


 Christian Louboutin



Christian Louboutin

Boxing Kitty




 Plaid Oxfords


Leather Cutout Oxfords


 Jeffery Campbell 


Christian Louboutin



Comme des Garcons


One Response to “Oxford Shoes “Yeah Baby””

  1. Kiki December 19, 2010 at 2:14 am #

    Laura M. Lawrence via facebook …….. the CdG shoes have been a favorite of mine for a long time (prefer black but would be tickled with those).

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