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Oh Goody Christmas Jumpers

6 Dec


So, Christmas is just around the corner and Jumpers are all the rage this season! In the States we call a "jumper" sweater. I prefer using the term jumper instead of sweater….it sounds a bit puzzling which makes people think I am talking about something new and important. Dolce and Gabbana featured many versions of the Christmas Jumper/Sweater in their winter/fall 2010 collection. My first fashion job was at a major company where my boss was from the UK. He suggested that the entire design team wear their "ugliest Christmas jumpers" to our office Holiday party. It was a horrendous collection of stitched on reindeer heads, Christmas bulbs, and my favorite the talking Santa head that lights up. I don't actually have pics from the party but, I did find some other fun pics to share. I'll let you be the judge as to what's hot and what's just plain awful!








(This guy wins hands down "Ugliest Christmas Jumper/Sweater" ) 


6 Dec


Surely, when 80's Hip-Hop group RUN DMC rapped about "My Adidas" they weren't referring to "flame wings" and "teddy bear" adorned Adidas sneakers but, then again Jeremy Scott had not come on the scene. Scott is a British Designer who's teamed up with Adidas to create "The Originals" a sneaker collection inspired by his eclectic approach to design. Contrary to popular belief that athletic shoes are getting too much of the Designer treatment. I think these sneakers are pretty dope, rad, awesome, bomb (any other retro slang terms I forgot to include). The only pair I am not fond of are the teddy bear sneakers. I've had too many run-ins with Bubba! Bubba is a very cute, little, dog that belongs to my niece and nephew who's affinity for stuff animals increases each time I visit. I'm pretty sure that if I wore these shoes over to my brother's house Bubba would think I brought over a girlfriend for him to play. Trust me….the end result would be catastrophic, you have not seen the immense havoc he wrecks on plush stuff animals. Anyway, I salute anyone who would rock these sneakers!




 (My fave! They have sequins on the side)



(Images courtesy of Sneaker Freak)

Just in case there is one person left on this planet that hasn't heard the icon "MY ADIDAS" rap song by RUN DMC. Here you go!


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