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Louis Vuitton and Scott Campbell S/S 2011 Men’s Collection

31 Dec


How rad is this?! Mon Premier Amour – Louis Vuitton teamed up with fame tattoo artist Scott Campbell to create an amazing Men's luggage collection for spring/summer 2011. I'm not really into body ink myself (not fond of needles) but, I love the collaboration on the bags. Another genius idea from the French! When it comes to fashion Louis Vuitton is King in my book! Check out the videos below featuring Scott at work on the prize collection in NYC and Paris.


Louis Vuitton Men's S/S 2011 Collection w/ Scott Campbell (Part I)


Louis Vuitton Men's S/S 2011 Collection w/ Scott Campbell (Part II)




(Videos courtesy of Louis Vuttion – Youtube  an all pictures courtesy of

Top 10 Worst Fashion Trends of 2010

30 Dec


Less than 48 hours and we will be ringing in 2011! The fashion industry had some very successful trends this year! However, there are several trends in 2010 that I am hoping will not resurface in the new year. Check out the trends below to see what made my list for  "worst fashion trends of  2010."  What's on your list? Please leave a comment and share what trends you don't want to see repeated in 2011!



#10 – The Graphic Legging

Punky Brewster called to say she wants her leggings back. The fashion craze for leggings took a wrong turn this year when they introduced leggings with graphics and prints.  Best to stick with solid colors. This way you avoid looking like a walking night light.  




#9 – The High Waisted Short

Every time I see a woman wearing high waisted shorts I can't help but envisioning Chrissy from the late -70's sitcom "Three's Company".  Not sure who's bright idea it was to bring back this short, it's too dated looking to be worn circa now. 



#8 Long Feather Earrings

This look may have worked on Kim Cattrall in Sex and the City 2 but in real life it looks like you swallowed a bird and the feathers are coming out of your ears.  I am thinking about starting a "no feather left behind" campaign. I could become an advocate for all the poor defenseless little birds who have suffered at the hands of fashion.




#7 – Tall Gladiator Sandals

Unless your name is Maximus you should not be wearing theses sandals. Russell Crowe is the only person who looks sexy in a pair of  Tall Gladiator Sandals.




#6 – The Straw Fedora

It might be confusing for some as to why the straw fedora is on my "worst fashion list" but, I must confess my dislike for it. Most of the time I see this trend the hat doesn't fit the wearer's head entirely.  It kind of just hangs out on top of their head,  looking like an upscale birds nest with a satin ribbon wrapped around it. This ill fitting hat was a summer staple piece for many celebrities and their children.  It definitely belongs on my list as the worst over-exposed trend of 2010.




#5 – Ed Hardy T-shirts (Men)

Fellas, no one is fooled in your attempt to look like a tough-guy by wearing an Ed Hardy skull t-shirt. The t-shirt is adorned with flowers and bedazzled jewels for Heaven's sake. Let this trend go, it's only appropriate for men starring in a Vegas magic shows.





#4 – Fur necklaces

This trend should come as no surprise, being that I am not a fan of real fur.  Wearing a piece of fur attached to a chain is one step away from wearing a dog leash around your neck.



#3 – Converse Extensions

Where do I even begin?! I can't decide what's more disturbing the fact that a designer actually designed these or that someone actually wore them. This is a bad look all around.




#2 – Open Toe Tall Boots

One of the worst trends of  2010 and possibly the decade are the open toe tall boots. Oh, how I cringe at the very sight of these boots. I had the pleasure of witnessing several women wearing a similar style without the slightest thought of a pedicure. I mean come on ladies…if you are going wear this hideous looking boot the least you could do is clip and paint your toe nails.



#1 – Jeggings for Men

Like you didn't know this would earn the #1 spot on my "worst fashion trends of 2010 list." I'll never get weary in expressing my detest for this nightmare look on men. If you're still on the fence about this trend being a good idea please refer to my previous post:  Men Step away from the jeggings.

The Man Catcher

29 Dec


So, most of my friends are married or have serious boyfriends and that’s cool! Here I am single and still looking, well maybe not looking all that hard. Anyway, I got into a discussion recently regarding certain clothing that single women should wear to peak a man’s interest.  Now, please understand I am not silly enough to think that you put on a hot dress and poof  Dwight Howard appears (he’s my NBA crush). I realize it takes more than a little glitter to land a star. Although, there is something to be said about a confident women sashaying her way down the street in a smokin’ hot outfit. Here’s a few pics of some frocks that I think are fun to wear no matter what you’re trying to catch. For my friends with significant others you can also try one of these dresses to spice things up a bit! That’s as far as I am willing to go on the suggestion front. I don’t want to get too saucy….it’s not that kind of blog. 


The Wrap Dress

Light weight fabric and form-fitting silhouette is the quintessential lady-like dress! I adore this dress and pretty much will wear whatever wrap dress fits my fancy. The pastel floral print dress below is quite lovely. I can’t think of anything more feminine than pastel colors and flowers! I don’t suggest carrying a feather around with you like the model….a man might think you’re rehearsing for a role in Steel Magnolias.



The Maxi Dress

Sexy, comfy, and versatile are perfect descriptive words when referring to the maxi dress. This dress was a huge trend for 2010 and will be seen again in 2011. The fantastic thing about the maxi dress is that it fits all body types. You just need to spend a little time in finding the right style that fits you. For a killer night time look pair your favorite maxi dress, with a short jacket, strappy heels, and multi-chain necklace. Voila…you are ready to hit the town!


The Mini Dress

Now most women cringe at the idea of wearing a mini dress but, I say throw on a pair of spanx and call it a day. As women, we tend to be a little too critical concerning our figures. I’m sure your man is admiring your curves rather than your imperfections. If you’re not 100% comfortable in wearing it then by all means opt for something else. If you have the confidence to rock a mini dress……then grab your clutch and do your thang!

  Joan smalls

The Sweater Dress

Oh, how I heart the sweater dress! The many was to wear it are endless. From chic to street, it’s my go to dress in the winter. It’s also the dress that carries me into the early summer days. In the winter I wear my sweater dresses with boots and in late spring/early summer I pair it with sandals.  I always feel comfortable and pretty in this dress.


GUCCI S/S 2011 Collection

28 Dec


Bold, fresh, and vibrant! Gucci's sophisticated interpretation of color blocking will be a welcomed change for spring/summer 2011. The silk and satin fabrics gives the collection a Dynasty-esq feel. Does anyone remember the 1980's prime time drama Dynasty? I sure do, it was my Mom's favorite TV show (insert Dynasty theme music here) and I had to go to bed as soon as the show started. I would try and stall my bed time so I could see what Krystle Carrington (aka Linda Evans) was wearing.  No doubt, Linda Evans and Joan Collins would be great fans of Gucci's s/s 2011 collection!










Electric Blue

27 Dec


Electric blue is the "new black!" This should definitely be a staple color in your closet. Electric blue is a cheery color to wear in the winter months to brighten things up a bit…'s also an amazing color to rock during those glorious summer days. I love this color on all skin tones, you simply have to find the right ensemble to pair it with. Here's a few pics for your viewing pleasure. Check out the different styles to see if you can incorporate a little or a lot of electric blue into your wardrobe!












Merry Christmas! Joyeux Noël!

25 Dec


Wishing all my lovely readers a very Merry Christmas! Wherever you are celebrating the holidays I hope you're surrounded by loved ones and happiness.  Enjoy, eat lots, and be merry!

Souhaiter tous mes beaux lecteurs un très Joyeux Noël! Apprécier le temps avec votre famille, manger, et être joyeux!

(Christmas Tree at Notre-Dame de Paris, France)

TOP 5 Jeans for Men

24 Dec

Yesterday, I had a wonderful holiday lunch with some former work buddies. One of the topics of discussion were men’s jeans. The conversation got me thinking about featuring the top 5 denim brands for men. I love a great pair of jeans on a guy. Actually its my favorite look on men, so simple and HOT! Typically, men are very selective and loyal when it comes to their favorite brand of denim (which is a good thing.) However there are three major factors that should be considered when buying jeans…, wash, and price. Following this simple guide will help in narrowing down your choices. These are my suggestions of the top brands that I feel fit men the best. If you already have a favorite brand and they work for you then by all means don’t change them. You know what they say “if ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

  1. Fit: This is the most important and should be your first priority when selecting your jeans. It doesn’t matter how inexpensive or how cool you think they are – if they don’t fit your body Do Not buy them.
  2. Wash: The wash determines whether your jeans are in style or played out. Dark rinse jeans tend to be more flattering and have a longer life span. A lighter wash is nice too…just stay away from acid wash. It wasn’t cute in the 80’s and it’s NOT cute now.
  3. Price: The price you pay for jeans is directly linked to the quality of the denim.  There is a lot of time and effort that goes into developing the correct fit and wash. Designer jeans do look better and wear longer. No need to break the bank when buying them, there are plenty of shops that carry designer jeans for a fraction of the price i.e. …Nordstrom Rack, TJ Maxx, and Loehmann’s. Also, try second hand shops for used designer denim. Jeans that have been gently worn can look just as awesome as a brand new pair!

7 for all mankind 

Sizes range from 32″ – 42″ waist / 33″ – 38″ for inseam


Sizes range from 28″ – 42″ waist / 33″ – 36″ for inseam



Sizes range from 28″ – 38″ waist / 31″ – 32″ for inseam


Rock n’ Republic

Sizes range from 32″ – 44″ waist / 33″ – 38″ for inseam



Sizes range from 30″ – 40″ waist / 32″ – 34″ for inseam


Poncho Power

23 Dec


I love me a good ol' poncho, no I am not kidding. Louis Vuitton designed the most coveted Poncho this season. Now that I live in a warmer climate I don't have many opportunities to wear them. When I lived in New York City I owned this lovely, winter white, vintage poncho that I adored. It's no longer with me as my sister shrank it in her attempts to wash it. I have a scheduled trip the first of the year to Seattle,  I'll be hitting up my favorite vintage shops to see if I can replace by beloved poncho. The poncho is already a staple fall/winter look for Paris and London. This trend will probably hit the States in six months time at which point it will be Summer and we will have to wear them fall/winter 2011 putting us 12 months behind trend (but that is another post altogether). Not everyone is a lover of ponchos, it's definitely an acquired taste…..kind of like sushi. I'm a spicy tuna kind of girl, I wear what I want! If I love it I rock it



 Louis Vuitton







Girls In The City

22 Dec


Fashion is constantly left to individual interpretation or in this case geographic interpretation. When traveling to different parts of the world you can witness the wide variety of the fashion culture in each city. Paris continues to perfect the art of fashion, New York City is always on the cusp of trend setting, San Francisco is saturated with an updated versions of bohemian flair, Seattle is mecca for outstanding vintage clothes, and London is out of the box with their approach to fashion. All of these cities hold a special place in my heart and have played a major role in my personal style. However, I must confess that Paris is "mon premier amour" (my first love)! Parisian fashion has mastered the art of looking classy and sexy……maybe it's because they have the oldest fashion houses, or the best schools, or little old ladies that still make Chantilly lace by hand. Whatever the the reason is the French can be challenged but never conquered when it comes to fashion! 



NYC girl2



Paris girl2



  San Francisco  




London girl





Seattle Girl

New Year’s Eve Wish List

21 Dec


Whilst others are setting their 2011 goals I am currently dreaming up my New Years Eve outfits. Yes, I also have goals for 2011 but I will get to that after I ring in the new year. For now I want to focus on the killer outfit I am dying to rock on New Year's Eve. I call this a "wish list" as my budget does not allow for any of these gorgeous pieces. However, I can always have fun styling different looks. It's kind of like playing paper dolls with Couture Clothing. My favorite item is the D&G Black Suede and Crystal Platform Shoes.  I'm so tempted to get a hot glue gun, some rhinestones, and go to town on a old pair of black heels. With a bit of patience and determination I'm sure I can re-create these fabulous shoes. 



Final M& J

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