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H&M LANVIN Extravaganza

23 Nov


I arrive at the H&M store at 8:30am almost 2 hours before the doors open. To my horror the store opened early at 8:00am and they weren't admitting any shoppers without a wristband. I was told to come back at 1:30pm…..I  panicked for a second and thought to rush the racks and grab what I could but, then I spotted a cop (5 policeman were guarding the LANVIN clothing racks.) So, I calmly walked out of the store. After chillin at Borders for 4 hours….. the novelty of owning a LANVIN dress began to wear off but, I was on a mission and couldn't give up now. I headed back to H&M at 12:30pm to find a 100 people already in line for 1:30pm time slot.  I get in line and start to inch my way to the front but, I see that most of the LANVIN clothes are gone.  I realize I just might leave this store WITHOUT a pretty, little, LANVIN party dress for myself and my friend (Sorry Nicole). I'm starting to twitch a little and my breathing is coming in short, sharp breaths……suddenly I'm snapped back to reality by the words, "Miss you're next get ready to go in." The doors open and I rush in running with about 20 other fashion crazed women (they only let 20 people in at a time for 5 min). I look around there's hardly any clothes. What do I do? What do I grab? I spot a huge blue container I immediately begin rummaging through it and notice that some of the LANVIN jewelry boxes are filled with pretty little jewels….it's a success! I have a LANVIN necklace in my hot little hand….the only problem is 15 other people notice my findings and began to swarm the blue container in hopes of finding a buried treasure like myself….no luck for them! 

So, the moral of this story is save your money and purchase a LANVIN dress from the designer collection! This was a bit of an ordeal and too much to deal with at my age. I nearly passed out from exhaustion on the train ride home!


H&M Store Window



LANVIN Jeweled Belt (I'm going to wear it as a necklace)



LANVIN Pretty Girl T-shirt  (got this when a customer returned it)



LANVIN Silk Party Dress w/ Jeweled Neckline (too small going back) 😦



LANVIN Garment & Shopping Bag



H&M Store Window



H&M Store (San Francisco)



H&M Store (San Francisco)



H&M Store (San Francisco)



LANVIN Pearl Necklace (I wanted this one but, was SOLD OUT)



H&M Store (San Francisco)


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