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Look of the Day “Men in Uniforms”

12 Nov

Who doesn’t love a man in Uniform?! Or in this case a man wearing clothes that are inspired by military uniforms. Menswear for Fall and next Spring has a strong presence of military-inspired shirts, pants, jackets and coats. It’s a cool and simple style for most men to sport. I’ve found that Old Navy and J.Crew have the best selection for military-inspired clothing this season. For a more authentic look try scouting out your local thrift store for gently worn military clothing. Pair a dark green military jacket with a cool pair of denim. Fellas, most women love a man in uniform but, only if the uniform represents your real profession. If you’re Not in the military there is no need for you to be in full on camo clothing and making statements like “I am trying to avenge the wrong that was done to me.” It’s hard to tell if you’re playing G.I. Joe or just creepy. Either way it’s not a good look.


 British Army-inspired Trench Coat

Bomber Jacket & Military-inspired Shirt

Army-inspired Shirt 

Vintage-inspired Navy Wool Coat

 Military-inspired Dress Shirt

Military Shirts, Because A Man In Uniform Always Looks Good...

Navy-inspired Jacket

Air Force-inspired Bomber Jacket 

 Vintage Military Shirt worn over a Sweatshirt

     Combat Boots

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