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Stella McCartney on Holiday

6 Nov

I've always been a fan of Stella McCartney's collections and not just because, she comes from amazing creative stock being that she's Paul McCartney's daughter. I mean how could you not be talented with a father that rocked the world with his music. Stella's aesthetic approach to her 2011 Resort collection is so clean and fresh looking it almost appears as if it has been bathed in rose water. The collection feels more appropriate for spring rather than resort wear. I'm always puzzled by resort collections…… which are typically worn by those that travel to exotic places during the winter months. Who can afford them? The prices of these garments are insanely expensive. If I purchased one of these lovely dresses I would no longer be able afford to go holiday. I would be somewhere in San Francisco wearing my very pretty, expensive dress on a tour boat to Alcatraz. Why a tour to Alcatraz? Well, it involves water, a boat, and a bunch of strangers I don't know…. it has all the illusions of being on holiday in a foreign country.  


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