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Dear City Girls: Protect Your Heels

4 Nov


Please forgive me for sounding like a bad early morning infomercial. However, I must express my new found love for the Solemate high heeler protector. This cute little plastic cover protects the heels on your beloved stilettos. How many times have you been strutting on the concrete catwalk (aka: street or sidewalk) and got your heels stuck in a grate or between rocks? It's so frustrating when you ruin a great pair of heels. Solemates might be the cure all for ripped up and jagged looking heels. I so wish I had these little babies when I lived in New York City my Manolos would have thanked me! 




Turkish Designer Arzu Kaprol

4 Nov


How stellar is this collection by Turkish designer Arzu Kaprol?! Aruz showed her fall/winter 2010 collection at Paris Fashion Week. One of major skills in a well presented collection is how it's styled. It's very important for each look to have the right hair, make-up, and accessories. I love the lego inspired masks the models are wearing in these photos. There's a strong sci-fi, super hero fantasy influence weaving through her collection. The different fabric textures and monochromatic colors are so addicting. It's kinda like ice cream once you have a spoonful you want to finish the whole gallon or maybe that's just me. Speaking of ice cream if you're ever in the San Francisco,CA area you must go to Bi-Rite Creamery …..the salted carmel ice cream will change your life or at least your taste buds!












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