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Maternity Chic – Isabella Oliver

30 Nov


Pregnant women are so beautiful! Designer, Isabella Oliver surely knows how to enhance the beauty of pregnancy with her maternity collection. All the detailed ruching (technical term for gathers) creates a very slimming look for a women when she's with child. Oliver's collection is so chic and hot! I can't wait for the day when I can rock a sexy little maternity dress!







Rock the bump t-shirt

 The t-shirt above is not by Isabella Oliver.

Fashion in Orbit: Christopher Kane Resort 2011

29 Nov


Scottish Designer Christopher Kane's 2011 resort collection is out of this world! Inspired by the stars and planets …. Kane uses cosmic images, printed on silk, to create the most amazing looking garments. I am obsessed with the solar system dress, with its classic silhouette and bright colors this dress would definitely be a staple piece in my closet. I've always fancied European Designers above American Designers (with the exception of Marc Jacobs & Tracy Reese) they have a more artistic approach when it comes to fashion. Designing clothing is a true art form for International Designers not just another way to make money. Christopher Kane is my new designer love! I will be acquiring one of his dresses in the near future.






My fave




Its Beginning to look a lot like Christmas……

27 Nov


Christmas, is my favorite holiday of the year! I was attempting to showcase my love for Christmas by posting pictures of the beautifully decorated holiday windows in the City….when my camera started to die. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Kate Spade Store Window



The Macy Star


Macy Store Window (Ralph Lauren inspired clothing)



Look of the Day for MEN

26 Nov


You all know I have a strong affinity for men in hats but, the tweed cap takes my love for men in hats to whole new level! The tweed cap is so versatile with it's regal and rugged look. Its one of those staple pieces that every man should own. I have yet to see a man in a tweed cap that didn't look sharp…..any man could wear one. I'm not really digging the low v-neck t-shirt on this Dude but, the cap is spot on! Happy hunting to all you "Black Friday" Shoppers!


Bag of the Day

25 Nov


Happy Thanksgiving to my Stateside readers! I've been dreaming about this bag to add to my Spring collection of handbags.  Its by PRADA which pretty much is a enuf said but, I do love the size of this bag. Its made out of felt and leather and larger enough to carry the entire contents of small NYC apartment or the leftovers from my Thanksgiving dinner cooked by Moi. It won't officially be in stores until next Spring, which is plenty of time for me to decide if I want to make it mine or not. 





Christmas Greetings from the UK

24 Nov


I fancy these Designer Christmas cards from the UK. They're a bit different from the average Christmas cards you see at your local drugstore. Check out Tate and Paperchase for a greater selection on Christmas cards. You might want to order the cards early since, they're shipped from the UK….otherwise you'll be using them for next year's Christmas cards.  


Walking Charity Christmas Card 


Tree Light Christmas Card



 Love Christmas Card


H&M LANVIN Extravaganza

23 Nov


I arrive at the H&M store at 8:30am almost 2 hours before the doors open. To my horror the store opened early at 8:00am and they weren't admitting any shoppers without a wristband. I was told to come back at 1:30pm…..I  panicked for a second and thought to rush the racks and grab what I could but, then I spotted a cop (5 policeman were guarding the LANVIN clothing racks.) So, I calmly walked out of the store. After chillin at Borders for 4 hours….. the novelty of owning a LANVIN dress began to wear off but, I was on a mission and couldn't give up now. I headed back to H&M at 12:30pm to find a 100 people already in line for 1:30pm time slot.  I get in line and start to inch my way to the front but, I see that most of the LANVIN clothes are gone.  I realize I just might leave this store WITHOUT a pretty, little, LANVIN party dress for myself and my friend (Sorry Nicole). I'm starting to twitch a little and my breathing is coming in short, sharp breaths……suddenly I'm snapped back to reality by the words, "Miss you're next get ready to go in." The doors open and I rush in running with about 20 other fashion crazed women (they only let 20 people in at a time for 5 min). I look around there's hardly any clothes. What do I do? What do I grab? I spot a huge blue container I immediately begin rummaging through it and notice that some of the LANVIN jewelry boxes are filled with pretty little jewels….it's a success! I have a LANVIN necklace in my hot little hand….the only problem is 15 other people notice my findings and began to swarm the blue container in hopes of finding a buried treasure like myself….no luck for them! 

So, the moral of this story is save your money and purchase a LANVIN dress from the designer collection! This was a bit of an ordeal and too much to deal with at my age. I nearly passed out from exhaustion on the train ride home!


H&M Store Window



LANVIN Jeweled Belt (I'm going to wear it as a necklace)



LANVIN Pretty Girl T-shirt  (got this when a customer returned it)



LANVIN Silk Party Dress w/ Jeweled Neckline (too small going back) 😦



LANVIN Garment & Shopping Bag



H&M Store Window



H&M Store (San Francisco)



H&M Store (San Francisco)



H&M Store (San Francisco)



LANVIN Pearl Necklace (I wanted this one but, was SOLD OUT)



H&M Store (San Francisco)


Interview w/ Couture Designer Talbot Runhof

22 Nov


It's not everyday you get to meet a Couture Designer who's designed gowns for Oprah, Carrie Underwood, and Jenifer Lopez! This past Thursday I had the honor of meeting with German Couture Designer Adrian Runhof who designs Talbot Runhof with Johnny Talbot. I was unable to meet with Johnny Talbot because, he had to return to Germany earlier in the week. Armed with my notebook and pen in hand I sat on a white plush couch ready to ask a million questions of the insanely talented Adrian Runhof. He was very gracious, polite, and charming. I thanked him repeatedly for taking the time to meet with me. Once we wrapped with Q&A. Mr. Runhof  personally walked me through his entire couture collection explaining every garment in great detail! Talbot Runhof gowns are exquisite! Its hard to miss the carefully, precise, design silhouettes of each gown. The couture collection was very feminine and sultry. The draping, deep jewel color palette, and floral prints were so enchanting I began to think I was walking in Marie Antoinette's garden. However, don't mistake the femininity of the gowns as too sweet there's definitely a modern edge to their gowns. Its evident that a woman's confidence in what she wears is very important to Talbot Runhof!

Question: How did you begin your career in fashion?

Answer: Wow! Do you really want to know that (laugh). I always knew I wanted to be in fashion my parents were in fashion. After graduating from college I created a small collection. I met Johnny while he was working as a electric engineer in Germany at a radio station. Johnny had always wanted to design clothing as well and took out a small loan to begin his first collection. It was a very brave thing for Johnny to do. We started working together after that.

Question:  Karl Lagerfeld is said to have drawn a 100 sketches a day for each collection he creates. How many sketches do you and Mr. Talbot draw for your collections? 

Answer:  That's interesting that you ask this question.  Johnny and I don't sketch at all. We drape all of our gowns on our American model Megan. She comes to our fashion house and we drape fabric on her to create our couture gowns. Which creates all this beautiful drapping detail in each gown. 

Question: On creating Women's gowns and dresses.

Answer:  Its important for a woman to feel confident in what she is wearing. A woman should feel proud and sexy in whatever she has on. Some women aren't comfortable with their arms so, we'll add sleeves and cap sleeves to our garments. We try to create garments that help women feel proud about their bodies. 

Question: On relationship with your Clients.

Answer: We work really closely with our clients they are important to us and we want them to feel special. Recently, we had a model in NYC (she's the oldest working high fashion model by the way) call us up and say " I don't ever wear or buy dresses but, I must have this dress you have designed." The model was referring to a dress she had wore during a photo shoot. 

Question: What was your inspirtation for Spring 2011?

Answer: We were inspired by "I Love Lucy" and old black and white films along with cipea. Do you see how the flowers resemble the stills from an old black and white movie. 

Question: Chocolate brown is generally not a color used in Spring collections. How did you decide on that color?

Answer: Since old movies were in black and white we thought the chocolate brown would compliment the black and white color palette. We also think chocolate brown is a very beautiful color.

Question: On Talbot Runhof ready to wear dresses being versatile.

Answer:  You have a woman who works in the city but, lives outside the city she doesn't have time to go back home to change for a dinner date.  Talbot Runhof dresses are designed to take you from day to night but, in a very elegant way.  We like to use stretch wool and strech cotton for some of our dresses……. this fabric is very comfortable and creates a more flattering silhouettes for the female body. 

I thanked Mr. Runhof  for the millionth time once our interview concluded. His response…"No, it was my pleasure and an honor to meet with you". What an amazing experience for me to have met him! 

*A special thanks to Konrad Janus (Saks Fifth Avenue Special Events Coordinator) for letting me take up so much of Adrian Runhof time. 








Designed for Oprah Winfrey


 Designed for Oprah Winfrey



Similar to the dress designed for Carrie Underwood which she wore to CMA's 2010






My favorite Dress of the Couture Collection




Multicolored sequin beading overlay on black satin



Beautiful black stain draped over a luscious black crinoline skirt













 Myself & Adrian Runhof



LANVIN for H&M in Stores TODAY!

20 Nov


The LANVIN H&M collection hits US stores today! I am off to my local H&M to join the other fashion crazed women. I will be sure to post pics of my purchases! Here's a treat….Creative Director Alber Elbaz created a spectacular show for the LANVIN H&M collection! The fashion show was held in New York City at the Pierre Hotel. 

Courtesy of LANVIN FOR H&M – THE "HAUTE COUTURE" SHOW from Barracuda Film & TV on Vimeo



The Necktie Wallet

19 Nov


Old business suits for men gets new life recycled into men's wallets. I love the idea of recycling things especially when its in collaboration with fashion. The necktie wallet comes in an array of different colors and styles. The prices on these wallets are fantastic $23-$30 which leaves some money left over for dinner with your sweetie!

Narwhal Company – Recycled Necktie Wallets


Uncommon Goods – Recycled Necktie & Suit Wallet

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