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Men in Hats

29 Oct


Winter is beginning to creep up on us which means it's almost hat season. I heart men in hats! Whether it's a black fedora, tweed cap, or a chunky knit hat…I think it's a very sharp and clean look. With department stores starting to carry more of their fall/winter merchandise it's the perfect time to pick up a great looking hat. Any man can sport a sharp hat …you just have to find the one that fits your head shape and style. I feel I must make this statement ….fellas, absolutely NO pimps hats! Anything with animal print or velvet stripes is a pimp hat. Stay away from it….they're NEVER a good look not even on a pimp!






Pick of the Day

29 Oct


A couple of weeks ago after featuring cardigans for men on my blog. One of my friends asked me to send her some suggestions for her hubby. I sent her a few choices and below are pictures of the cardigans her hubby went with. I love the style of both of these cardigans because, they can easily be dressed up or down. Check out UrbanOutfitters for the best selection and prices on men's cardigans.


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